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Coral fleece fabric decontamination treatment


    Plush products such as coral, flannel and so on can not be soaked in cold water for a long time. They should be controlled for 10~30 minutes depending on the color, dirt and thickness of the plush. Wash the water temperature should not be too high, must not soak in hot water. Usually under 40 degrees to prevent the elastic drop of the plush. In the wash before use neutral detergent or soap flakes. Usually, worsted or light colored plush products by using washing powder soap flakes, woolen or deep color. Do not use scrub wash more washboard, can not use wooden club beat. Washing and kneading should be applied. The washing time should not be too long, to prevent the fiber entwined and showed fulling, namely felting.

       When washing, rinse along the texture, and the force should not be too large. After washing, do not try to screw, squeeze the water by hand, then dry. The sun should be selected in the shade of the head area, not in strong sunlight exposure, in order to prevent the wool fabric to lose the permeability and elasticity of the fall. The fluffy product is dried to half dry and then shaped again.

  Is a cotton velveteen coral fleece, coral velvet, but there are two kinds of 150D/288F and 150D/144F, Shu velveteen is usually 200D, the biggest difference is the ratio of coral velvet velveteen Shu long hair, high weight, feel more soft. Cotton velveteen commonly called coral velvet plush.

  1、 coral fleece fiber density is high, because a coral like, well cover, like coral like shape, colorful light. It is called coral velvet. Cotton velveteen is a new kind of cloth. Because of its small fineness and small modulus, the fabric has excellent softness.

  2、Fabric features: delicate texture, soft feel, no hair, no pilling, no fading. Good water absorption. It is three times of cotton products. No influence on the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich color. It is the cotton bath robe that has just arisen abroad instead of the product. The cleaning water wash exergy non drum washing machine, please put the bag. Dark first cold water wash, light color not tight, can machine wash machine.