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Blanket type



1. baby blanket: can be used for baby clothes, using environmentally friendly dyes, you can use the skin.

2. children's blanket: when children play, can be used as a warm blanket, moisture-proof blanket.

3. air conditioning blanket: easy to use in summer, breathable cool. When the air conditioner temperature is low, cover.

4. home carpet: can be used for large furniture cover and decoration, can also be placed on the sofa. Or put it in the car.

5. TV blanket: you can wear it when you're watching TV in winter. Comfortable and soft. You can also wear it when you're playing a computer or reading a book. This product is very popular in Europe and America.

6. health blanket: sofa can prevent cold when resting, fitness can be used as health care blanket, light and easy to fold, easy to clean.

7. pet blanket: can give cute dog or cat fan pad, also let them can have comfortable and warm feeling.

8. camping blanket: in the wild can also be used, small size, easy to carry. The bottom can be made of waterproof bottom.

9.shawls blanket: can be used as shawls. Simple generous.

10.cushion blanket: fold up is cushion, open is blanket. Can also warm hands. Oh, super cute